Leave a Lasting Legacy with EGR Crew Sponsorships

An Oar or Seat Sponsorship
Is the perfect way to honor an Athlete or Family Member

Oar Option One: Sponsoring an oar is a fun & effective way of making a visible contribution to the team. Oar sponsor's will have the name of their choosing permanently appliqued to the shaft of an oar. These oars will be used in both training and racing. The oar will bear the name for as long as it is in service for the team. Following rowing custom, when the oar has been retired due to age the sponsor may claim the oar. $300

Oar Option Two: You have the ability to buy a retired display oar to present it to your rower now. There are a limited number available. $300

Seats: Permanently place an athletes name to the deck of their rowing seat inside the boat of your choosing, to honor and commemorate their involvement in our program. There are several seats available in the existing fleet. The name will stay with the boat so long as it is rowed by EGR Crew. Pictures will be taken of the rower and their sponsored seat. $500

Feel free to contact the Fund Raising Committee (Heather Klare and/or Kurt Basham) for further sponsorship details...